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SaaS or Cloud have developed substantially allowing for efficient "off-site" resolutions for infrastructure problems at an accessible cost. Cloud services enable us to get closer to the business process and further away from traditional infrastructures.
Advanced software is essential to run your business don't compromise due to the high cost of purchasing, licensing, and hosting your own applications.  With Microsoft Azure we'll migrate your data and applications to the Cloud, so you can avoid the high upfront costs of Hardware/Software, management and ongoing maintenance of daily IT needs.
Wireless LAN-based mobile computing solutions are becoming quite prevalent in many horizontal applications in the general office and vertical industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, goods distribution, hospitality, retail, education, and government.
Most wireless LANs operate in multiple frequency ranges with direct sequence coding or frequency hopping. Hardware components are a LAN adapter and antenna that reside in the mobile computer device and a switch that connects multiple mobile devices to the server. Depending on your network traffic - you can have between 10-30 mobile devices per switch for three hours or more.
Video Surveillance
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Video Surveillance 

Low-voltage Cabling
Data & Voice Communications
Video Surveillance is one of the first things you think about after your business has been "violated." The numbers of calls we receive regarding surveillance occur after a security breach. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," this directly applies to the potential savings that a well-designed video surveillance security system can bring your organization.
We understand the answer to video surveillance solutions are ensuring you can view, record, and retrieve what you were promised and expected from a surveillance system.

Need cabling? Single-office run to complex projects, A-Tech designs and installs structured data cabling solutions for all businesses. We offer complete low-voltage cabling services for existing structures, conversion cabling to network moves, additions or changes, and new construction.


We design and build flexible infrastructures primarily with CAT5e or CAT6. Our engineers evaluate, design, and install optimum integrated cabling systems specific to your company demands. Our backbone infrastructure designs utilize various type of cabling (fiber or copper) regardless of manufacturer.


Our team uses state-of-the-art installation practices, certified test equipment and field proven procedures to ensure the highest quality installations. All are certified and documented with printed reports. Optional CAD prints can be provided when necessary.

The infrastructure of point to point communications has changed. Gone are the days of analog leased lines connecting remote sites with modems and multiplexers. Bandwidth solutions from Shared & Dedicated 10Mbps to 10GB speeds allow transfer of data resources from site to site.


As an authorized Comcast Business Partner, we will provision, order, and coordinate your communications solutions at no additional charge over Comcast's tariff price. We are also able to pass on promotions and specials that the carriers may not publish to direct end-users, resulting in additional savings to our clients as well.


In wide area communications products and services, A-Tech is uniquely qualified to provide you with the right combination of products and services for your business. Let our experienced sales and technical staff designs the right solution for you based on your specific needs and expected growth. Our manufacturer certifications and associations assure you of the best bottom line solution.


We'll take care of the hard part, so you can use the Ship to Shore.

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